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Pregnant Mother, Let's Recognize the Differences in Normal or Abnormal Vaginal Fluids

Pregnant women do not need to worry too much if they experience vaginal discharge, because generally this condition is normal. But if accompanied by changes in color, aroma, or if the fluid that comes out too much, could be a sign of health problems. Vaginal discharge is also known as leukorrhea or vaginal discharge. During pregnancy, there is an increase in hormone levels that can increase vaginal fluid production. But in certain conditions, vaginal fluid can appear due to infection. Come on, recognize the difference between normal and abnormal vaginal fluid during pregnancy. Normal vaginal fluid during pregnancy Vaginal fluid plays a role in preventing infection from entering the vagina into the uterus. In the vaginal fluid there are cells that have aged from the vagina and cervix, and there are also normal vaginal bacteria. Pregnant women do not need to worry if in the underwear to find a thin liquid which is clear or milky white, and not scented or just smell a little. Vagin
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Breastfeeding Mothers Drink Coffee, Here Are the Facts

There is a lot of debate in the community, regarding whether or not breastfeeding mothers can drink coffee. The conclusions of several studies say, nursing mothers are still allowed to drink coffee as long as it is not excessive. Although permitted, you need to understand more about the safety of drinking coffee for nursing mothers. Including the impact on the baby and the amount of coffee that is safe for consumption. Effects of Caffeine on Breastfeeding Infants and Mothers When consuming coffee, the caffeine content in it will enter the bloodstream. In nursing mothers, a small portion of the caffeine can get into breast milk, so that when the baby suckles, he will also consume caffeine in breast milk. The baby's body has not been able to break down and get rid of caffeine like adults, because the kidneys and liver are not fully developed. As a result, caffeine will accumulate in the baby's body. The smaller the baby's age, the longer it takes for caffeine to get o

5 Sports Movement at Home to Burn Fat

Doing sports can not only be done in a fitness center. If you do not have enough time to go to the fitness center or gym, you can get around this by doing sports at home. Exercise at home can also burn fat and make the body healthy, as does exercise in the gym. Before doing sports at home, warm up so that the body is better prepared to start the main movements. Warming up for about 10 minutes can help you reduce the risk of injury, increase breathing and heart rate, and increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are distributed throughout the body. Sports Movement at Home to Burn Fat The following are some home exercise movements that you can try to burn fat in the body: Rocket jumps Position your body standing with your legs spread parallel to your hips. Then place your hands on your thighs while bending your knees. Then jump with both arms and hands raised straight, up to the head. When jumping, position your body lengthwise and your knees are not bent. Return